Cultural Fusion Toolkit

Dear Schools, Parents and Communities

Re: Culture, Bullying, Negativity, Inclusion

How do we deal with these issues when they happen in our schools and communities?

Nobody likes to be told what to do and what to think.

So the problem escalates or stays hidden which cause trauma, sadness, bitterness and no solution

The lack of culture diversity is having a negative impact on the young people of Cornwall.

RPC in collaboration with Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change , Safer Cornwall and Devon & Cornwall Police would like to invite you to participate in culture and inclusion discussions to collect feedback, thoughts, ideas and awareness which would contribute to the development of the Cultural Fusion Toolkit.

RPC are developing an ambitious project focused on supporting schools in Cornwall to champion more acceptance of inclusion and cultural diversity. Our vision is to provide awareness packages for schools to grow an environment of greater unity and safety, built on trust and respect; where all children are able to explore, learn and reach their potential with regards to culture and inclusion.

RPC plans to deliver this through the development of a Cultural Fusion Toolkit designed to support, educate and signpost. The toolkit will be aimed at families, teachers, children and young people, giving them a helpful framework with an everyday focus.

The project will be split into 4 phases:


Co-design (collaborative conversations and workshops with 5 pilot schools)

December 2022

Co-production (Development and creation of the school's toolkit)

March 2023

Toolkit rollout to the 5 pilot schools

April - July 2023

Scale up to reach more schools


Enquiries. Phone 07836 312000 or click the button below to send us an email

Cultural Fusion Toolkit

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